Plitvice Lakes

The National Park Plitvice lakes was declared a national park in 1949 and it is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia as well as under the protection of UNESCO since 1979. It is located in between Male Kapele and Plješevice in Lika.

Plitvice lakes are a unique natural phenomenon- 16 picturesques lakes which are connected by a number of cascading waterfalls. These lakes are divided on the upper (12) and the lower (4) lakes. The highest lake is Prošćansko at 639m and the lowest is Novakovića Brod at 503m. The Upper lakes are surrounded by lush woods and connected to one another by a number of waterfalls, the lower lakes are smaller, shallower and surrounded by lesser vegetation.

The lake water, after the Sastavci falls in the lower lakes, pours into the river Korana which the Plitvice stream also flows into, falling from a height of 76m. The climate is mountainous and the best time to visit the Park is in the summer months, although the winter months provide the magnificent picture of frozen waterfalls.

The largest lake is Kozjak, the water temperature is 24 degrees during the summer. Plitvička jezera are rich in fish and crab, fishing is possible only in certain spots along with a special license. The administration of the National Park Plitvicka Jezera cares to preserve this unique natural phenomenon: entrance into the park is at two locations, cars are left on the parking lot and a special electric train is used for travelling throughout the park. In order to preserve nature, special electric boats are used along the lakes.