Vrana Lake

The largest natural lake in Croatia lies between two historical cities of Zadar and Šibenik. Because it is one of the rare and almost intact natural habitats of waterbirds as well as because of its fresh water springs and biodiversity, the Vrana Lake and its surroundings have been declared a nature park in 1999. The park’s limits are between Pirovac and Pakoštane.

The park stretches across 57 km2, 30,02km2 of that being the lake area itself, which streches in the direction from the North-West to the South-East paralelly to the sea coast, from which it is in some places less than a kilometer apart. The predominating characteristic of the park is its special Ornithological reserve, which received its title for its well preserved huge reed-patch in the north-western part of the lake, with its immense biodiversity, and for its extraordinary scientific and ecological value ever since 1983. The reserve has been included to the list of Important Bird Areas in Europe.

Vrana Lake is a hot-spot with tremendous diversity of ornithofauna of 241 recorded bird species, of which 102 nest in the park area. Of these nesting birds, four are considered Endangered on the European level and seven on national level. For some of these birds Vrana Lake is the only nesting area in the entire Mediterrenean part of Croatia. The park area is also an important resting and feeding place for a whole range of endangered European species. More than 100 000 waterbirds come here to spend the winter. The climate of the area is typically Mediterranean. Water springs, pine woods and camp „Crkvine“ in the park offer protection and refreshment on any occasion. Quality time, vacation and time to rest is something not only to be found by birdwatchers but also those interested in recreational fishing, since you are welcome to fish on our lake almost the whole year round.

Those who enjoy cycling and going for a walk will have the opportunity for an indescribable experience on the 40 km long cycling track around the lake. A part of the track offers a sanctuary in the shade of the pine forrest, just by the shore of the lake. Within the park is also belvedere „Kamenar“, from which you have a fantastic view on Vrana lake, Biograd riviera and Kornati.

In vicinity of nature park is a village Vrana with many historical remains like temple of the Templars, and Turkish han. When you visit nature park Vransko jezero, you will be far away from civilization and yet so near it. Come and enjoy the world of nature of our park with genuine curiosity and joy, and you will find the peace and satisfaction which comes from mergence with nature.