The archipelago covers an area of 300km2 with 148 islands and islets in total surface of 62km2. Because of its unique natural beauty, numerous bays and coves, preserved nature and extremely rich sea ecosystem, bigger part of these island comprise a National Park founded in 1980. This Park cover an area of 220km2 and comprises 89 islands and islets and the coastal length parallel to it is 185km.

The islands were named after the biggest of the islands – island Kornat. The archipelago was inhabited in prehistoric times which can be proved by numerous archeological remains. The remnants of the Illyrian buildings are present, the rests from the Iron age, some parts of the Roman buildings, Venetian forts from the Middle Ages and from the Byzantine times from the 4th to the 10th ct., on the island Kornat an early Christian church was built at the foot of the Tarac hill. From the 17th ct. on the inhabitants of the Kornati live on some of the islands bringing there their sheep herds, they coltivate the land and go fishing.

Nowadays these islands aren’t permanently inhabited although some inhabitants spend here several months a year. There is no electricity or drinkable water and the land is mostly barren although long ago they were covered with the Mediterranean oak forrests. People from Murter island cultivate small fields in lime stone valleys where they grow olives, figs and wine grapes. Besides the agriculture on the island can be found as well the bee hives. The Adriatic sea belongs to the bluest seas in the world.

The colour of this sea is almost unbelievable. Crystal clearness of the sea enables you to see the sea bottom with its various shapes: crevices, holes, caves, red coral, shells and many sorts of fish. This National Park is unavoidable destination for all the sailors who can found safe haven in marinas on the islands of Žut and Piškera. For all the other guests tourist agencies offer guided trips, cruising, fishing boat and fishing equipment hire. On the island of Žakan you can find excellent restaurant for all those who prefer sea food and fresh fish specialities.