Telašćica bay is situated in the central part of the eastern Adriatic coast, in the SE part of the island of Dugi otok.

Thanks to its extreme beauty, richness and importance, this bay surrounded by 13 islands and islets, together with 6 islets inside the bay of Telašćica itself, was proclaimed the Nature Park in 1988. Thanks to its exceptionally valuable plant and animal life, geological and geomorphological phenomena, valuable colonies of the sea bottom and interesting archaeological heritage this area became protected in 1980. The area of “Telašćica” Nature Park is distinctly contrasted area with quiet and peaceful beaches and laid down coastline on one side and wild and rough cliffs on the other.

It is the area of the Aleppo pine-trees and holly oak woods on one side and bare rocky grounds on the other. It is the area of cultivated fields of vineyards and olive-trees, as well as the area of degraded forms of the flora covering dry habitats. Three basic phenomena are certainly the main characteristics of the Nature Park: – the unique bay of Telašćica as one of the safest, the most beautiful and the largest havens on the Adriatic that includes 25 small bays and 69 km of the well-indented coastline, – the cliffs of the island of Dugi otok or so-called «Stene», rising up to 200 m above the sea level and falling down vertically up to 90 m below the sea level, – and finally the salt lake called «Mir» with its curative characteristics.

Beautifully cultivated meadows and hillsides are rich with Mediterranean vegetation with more than 300 species of flora and equally rich fauna. The undersea world has more than 250 plant and 300 animal species. Telašćica has been inhabited since ancient times, as can be seen from Roman remains in Mala Proversa and numerous pre-Romanesque churches. The oldest document about fishing trade dates from the end of the 10 th century and it shows that the fishing trade in Croatia began on these coasts. In the Nature Park it is possible to dive on a few attractive locations next to the cliffs, walk along the paths and visit interesting places, and the panoramic view from the belvedere Grpašćak is something that must not be missed.