River Zrmanja

To river Zrmanja was given pet-name „beauty and the beast“, becouse of its beautiful scenery in summer months when it looks like sleeping beauty, as well it looks like dangerous animal in autumn and winter months at high water levels.

In north Dalmatia it is long 69km, with strong spring underneath the mountain Postak in south part of Lika region, and it pours in Adriatic sea 12km from town Obrovac. In upper flow Zrmanja formes 7km wide valley, while under Zvonigrad (remains of medieval town above Zrmanja) it flows through its canyon until its estuary. Zrmanja creates several fast and small waterfalls.

Until the town Obrovac river is navigably for smaller boats, while canyon from Obrovac until its estuary is turistic attraction. Zrmanja abound in warm water, beautiful canyons and waterfalls. Its cristal clean waters wriggle through till 200m deep canyon in which it has created waterfalls, like Veliki buk which is its bigest curiosity becouse of its extreme beauty and height of 11m. The river is suitable for swimming and diving, becouse of its interesting flora and fauna, and also becouse of its purity it is drinkable. With its own force and the force of its influents (the most important is river Kupa), for thousands of years it was finding its way to the sea.

Very close to the small village Mandići its river Kupa spring which comes out from typical karst source, and it instill into the river Zrmanja above the waterfall Veliki buk. On its short flow Krupa has created around 19 waterfalls, the most of them by its height or indenticity and shape belong among the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia. When Zrmanja is up it provide us one of the best raftings in this part of Europe. And when it is calm it is ideal for canoe safari.