Skradin is situated on the right bank of river Krka and it is only 16 km away from Šibenik, and 60km from Biograd. At the site of the Illyrian town, ancient Scardona was founded and it became important traffic, commercial and administrative centre. The first written documents date from 339 B.C. and already in 530 a diocese was founded here. When the Slavic tribes arrived in the area in the 7th ct., the Roman Scardona was completely destroyed and devastated. The Croats rebuild the settlement and its today’s name was first mentioned in the 10th ct. as a Bishoph’s see. The mighty Croatian Šubic noble family from Bribir ruled from here. The former inhabitants of Skradin were almost exclusively farmers who planted olive trees, wine grapes and fruit trees.

Today they still stick to their traditional farming and because of the mixed waters in the bay there are fish and mussels farms, too. Tourism has also a long tradition here because there is no visitor or tourist who spends his/her holiday in Dalmatia and doesn’t visit Skradin and the natural phenomena of the river Krka and Franciscan island Visovac with votive shrine to Our Lady of Visovac, rich library, and cultural and art treasury. The protector of town is St. Jeronim.